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JC-DY Diamond burnishing Tool

Product Introduction

Diamond burnishing tool is a low-cost and high-efficiency process for surface strengthening mirror processing of workpiece. The surface of workpiece is extruded by high-hardness and high-precision diamond. With the applied pressure exceeding the yield point of the material, the surface of the workpiece is deformed by cold extrusion of the shallow layer of material, so as to achieve burnishing the hole.


1.One Tool can be used for various taper, circular arc and outer circle.

2.After burnishing,the surface roughness of workpiece will be less than Ra0.1.

3.The diamond tool can extend into the inner minimum 14mm hole.

4.The tool has long service lif,rotary diamond head,many point are available.

5.Diamond tool can burnish the material whcih hardness up to HRC60 degrees.

6.After burnishing,the surface hardness of the workpiece will be increased to 15-30%.

7.The wear resistance of the workpiece will be increased by 15%.

8.Improve the fit of parts.

9.Improve corrosion resistance;

10.No special equipment is needed and the cost is low.

Product Data



Processing Parameters

linear Velocity:V= 50-150m/min
Feed Rate:  S=0.05-0.2mm/rev
Press-in(pressure spring inside):0.01-0.5
Machining Allowanc:0.005-0.02mm